We Give You Data

You Make Decisions

In today's competitive marketplace, having a complete picture of your business's current value and potential is crucial in boosting profits and gaining an advantage over the competition.

And data-driven decision-making is only one piece of the puzzle. Making timely decisions is another.

We empower better data-driven decision-making that gives you the power to act when you want to act, not on someone else’s schedule while you’re waiting for time-consuming reports.

Our on-demand real estate valuation and sales forecasting and projection engine cuts your wait time from weeks to minutes, arming you with the data you need to make decisions now--because boosting your profits can’t always wait weeks or months.

One Powerful Tool

Multiple Use Cases

Our valuation and projection engine is driven by data science and expert insights, giving you accurate and timely information you can trust.

Real Estate Valuation

You share your property details. We calculate its valuation. Whether you’re a real estate agent, buyer, seller, or lender, get an accurate property valuation in minutes, not weeks.

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Real Estate Valuation

Sales Forecasting

Input key business details such as location, product and service offerings, and more, and get detailed insights that can help you make informed decisions.

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Sales Forecasting

The Tezintel


Our sales projection and forecasting tool is a better way of getting the data you need to make more strategic decisions about your business.


Expert Insights

Our models are created by industry experts with decades of experience, delivering insights you can trust.


Save Time

Time is money. And we save you time. We cut wait times down to minutes so you can make the right decisions right now.


Detailed Results

In-depth, easy-to-read reports give you valuable business and property insights to help you scale your business confidently.

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