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We improve your business’s potential and predictability with on-demand sales projections

Don’t Leave

Your Success To Chance

With so much data available today at your fingertips, there is no reason to leave your success to chance. But finding the data you need takes time and making sense of it can be confusing.

Whether you’re looking to scale your current on-site business operations, expand into new markets, or build a new business from the ground up, data insights can help you make the right decisions at the right time to fuel your growth.

With Tezintel’s powerful projection and forecasting tool on your side, you never have to leave important decisions to chance.

The Industry’s Most Powerful

Sales Projection and Forecasting Tool

We help businesses turn data into decisions with our powerful sales projection and forecasting tool. Input key property details, such as location, type of business, service offerings, and more. We'll deliver sales forecasts to empower informed decision-making, whether your business already exists or you’re looking to buy or build.

In less than

Ten Minutes

Tezintel arms you with the deep industry insights to make strategic site and sales decisions.

Diverse Audience

Multiple Use Cases

Convenience Stores

Fast Food Restaurants

Car Washes

Travel Centers

Quick Service Restaurant

Liquor Stores

Truck Stops

Fuel Stations

The Tezintel


Our sales projection and forecasting tool is a better way of getting the data you need to make more strategic decisions about your business.


Expert Insights

Our models are created by industry experts with decades of experience, delivering insights you can trust.


Save Time

Time is money. And we save you time. We cut wait times down to minutes so you can make the right decisions right now.


Detailed Results

In-depth, easy-to-read reports give you valuable business and property insights to help you scale your business confidently.

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With our forecasting tool, get the powerful insights
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